With vigil attention to the ever increasing cost of raw materials, Republic maintains a strong working relationship with both customers and suppliers to assure the highest quality materials at cost effective pricing.

Standard Packaging is:

  • 180 - per skid on 20" Plastic Rings

  • 130 - Per skid on 24" Plastic Rings 

Republic works very closely with our own dedicated fleet of Ohio based trucks. Consisting of experienced drivers with a minimum of five years driving experience and a large variety of equipment ranging from tractors, complete with government regulated safety equipment, to flats with tarps, flats with sides, conestogas and dry vans. Our fleet is available at all times to meet the ever changing shipping requirements of our customers. We would be pleased to address all shipping needs for our customers who have no equipment available with our own trusted fleet. 


For those with environmental concerns Republic offers a recycling program that can assist in the reduction of the overall costs of new material.


If you have any questions about our products, or would like to place an order, please CONTACT US


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